Courtside Story #4 – Affordable Flooring Warehouse

acquisition planning

Courtside Story #4 – Affordable Flooring Warehouse   This month’s Courtside Stories takes us to the bucolic town of Steamboat Springs, CO where a local entrepreneur leveraged his business acumen, empathy and leadership skills to make a strategic acquisition of a complementary business. While the reasoning behind the acquisition was quite clear, the path to … Read more

Construction Genius Podcast – M&A: Process, Pitfalls, And Profit With Ryan Goral

Construction Genius Podcast

Podcast: M&A Talk In this episode, Ryan discusses best practices for mergers and acquisitions in the construction industry.  Mergers and acquisitions are by far the fastest way to achieve tremendous business growth and reach. Instead of spending years cultivating organic growth, you can acquire another company that is similar or aligns with your own. But since … Read more

Count Me In Podcast – M&A Strategy for SMBs

Count Me In Podcast

Podcast: M&A Talk In this episode, Ryan provides advice on M&A strategy for small and medium businesses.  Our guest today is Ryan Goral, Founder of G-Spire Group, a consultancy bringing merger and acquisition expertise to small and lower-middle market businesses. Ryan and Adam discuss the numerous potential benefits of M & A transactions for small businesses … Read more

M&A Talk Podcast – Outsourced Corporate Development

M&A Talk Cover

Podcast: M&A Talk In this episode, Ryan Goral discusses outsourced corporate development. Specific topics covered include: What is outsourced corporate development? [1:17] What companies are suited for outsourced corporate development? [2:38] What are the prerequisites an owner should have in place before they start pursuing growth? [5:10] Why is it important that the acquirer’s operations … Read more

Misfit Entrepreneur – The Art of Buying a Business with Ryan Goral

Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast

Podcast: M&A Talk In this episode, Ryan sits down with David Lukas to provide his thoughts on how to buy a business.  This week’s Misfit Entrepreneur is Ryan Goral. Ryan is the Founder of G-Spire Group, a company focused on helping entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners acquire companies. Ryan has over 15 years of experience … Read more

Deal Quest Podcast – Growth Through Acquisitions with Ryan Goral

Deal Quest Podcast

Podcast: M&A Talk In this episode, Ryan discusses strategies for companies to grow through acquisitions. If you’re an owner, or operator of a smaller and middle-market business trying to grow through acquisitions, this episode will help you. Specific topics covered in this episode include: The advantages of growth by acquisition over organic growth, The process … Read more

The Fractional Executive

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The fractional executive business model has rapidly developed over the years with the increasing popularity of firms offering fractional C-Suite Executives mostly focused on serving companies in the lower middle market segment (revenues of $5 – $75 million).  The development of this business model demonstrates the unique needs companies in the lower middle market have … Read more

Winners, Wallets, Worldviews Podcast with Guest Ryan Goral

Winners, Wallets, Worldviews

Podcast: M&A Talk In this episode, Ryan sits down with Aaron J. Armstrong to discuss strategies for corporate develoment. Ryan has an extensive 15 years of experience focused on working with small businesses. In addition to providing creative financing solutions, Ryan’s expertise is centered in adding value to entrepreneurs and executives with all aspects of … Read more

Creating a Valuation Framework – Part 1

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As a fractional corporate development executive, one of our responsibilities is to offer our advice on the valuation of the operating companies our clients are looking to acquire.  One of the things I am most frequently telling clients is some version of ‘value is based on the future free cash flow of the operating business … Read more

Courtside Story #3: Point Solutions Group Grows Through Acquisition

Company Background Point Solutions Group (“PSG”) is a women owned engineering and technology professional services firm, started in April of 2017. PSG primarily serves two sectors: government services, including defense and intelligence agencies, and commercial enterprise clients. The core services offered include offensive and defensive cyber security, systems integration, business consulting, and data governance. PSG … Read more

What is Corporate Development and why does it matter to privately held companies in the lower-middle market?

What is Corporate Development? Corporate development is the business function of growing companies through strategic mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and alliances. This function also is responsible for supporting the divesting of certain assets or divisions of an organization. Big publicly traded companies have whole departments whose main function is to support the organization’s strategic plan by … Read more

Courtside Story #2 – ABC PropCo Property Management Company

ABC PropCo acquisition

ABC PropCo (“The Company”) was established in 2015 as a growing and budding property management company serving property owners in the Denver Metro area. Its sole owner (Joe) was a hands-on entrepreneur as he managed every facet of the business. He enjoyed a steady growth rate as he added customers, employees and operational capacities as … Read more