We Help Companies Grow Through Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide professional M&A services to growth-minded companies.

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Professional M&A Services

Company Readiness and Strategy

We are seasoned entrepreneurial operational and financial executives who are experienced in building small businesses through mergers and acquisitions.

Search, Negotiations And Due Diligence

Our team is committed to growing healthy and sustainable small and lower-middle market companies through thoughtful strategic acquisitions.

Capital, Closing and Integration

Advisory Board made up of seasoned business professionals who share our passion for helping grow and scale emerging companies.

Why Choose Us

Professional M&A Leadership - Capacity and Expertise.

We add executive capacity to your leadership teams and focus on executing a programmatic approach to growing through strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Corporate Development Leadership Capacity

Programmatic M&A Process

Flexible Fractional Structure

M&A Specialist


The Big Challenges Our Clients Have and...
Why Our Clients Work With Us

Leadership Capacity

Have the desire to grow the value of their company but, because their time is spent operating the day -to -day functions of the business, they don’t have the time, capacity and/or specialized knowledge to spend on everything that goes into growing through acquisitions.

Effective Fractional Executive

Successful acquisitions take focused, discipline and specialized work but the business doesn’t have the budget or capabilities for a full-time corporate development team.

Enterprise Value Enhancements

Gaining scale is challenging and growing a company’s size through a successful M&A strategy can lead to a meaningful increase in the value of the business.

Transforming Operators to CEO's

Our process facilitates a substantial improvement to the business owner’s quality of life. The larger organization allows the business owner to spend more time on the fun aspects of running the business as well as more time with family, hobbies and enjoying the success of the company.


What People Are Saying

How We Engage

We Exist To Help You Grow Your Company
Through Mergers and Acquisitions.

Company Readiness and Strategy

Comprehensive financial, operational and human resource assessment and strategic plan. Development of a clear and concise investment thesis

Drive the Search Process

Execution of a focused business development plan for search outreach, communications and negotiations with prospective targets and intermediaries

Due Diligence

Once we have a target company under a letter of interest, we can assist you in the due diligence process by coordinating 3rd party advisors.


Oversee integration efforts with a focus on quickly achieving synergy and financial targets


Point person for deal structuring and LOI negotiations

Due Diligence

As the main point of contact, we will quarterback the entire due diligence process

Debt Capital

Advise, source and execute optimal debt capital

With His Unique Experience as a Sales Professional, M&A Specialist and Capital Advisor, Ryan's Expertise Is Well Positioned to Help Executives Grow Their Business.

Ryan Goral is the Founder of G-Spire Group, a company focused on helping entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners acquire companies. Ryan has an extensive 15 years of experience focused on working with small businesses.


Why We Do This Work

We believe that thriving businesses that cultivate productive and engaged workplaces in our communities occur when owners are fulfilled in their work.

Growing through acquisitions facilitates the process where business owners are transformed into CEO's where they can spend their time productively working on the business and focused on building their legacy.

Ryan brings a value-producing mindset to a company’s growth ambitions.

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