We exist to help you grow your company through mergers and acquisitions. No matter where you are in the process, we meet you where you are and plug-in to assist. From company readiness to strategy to integration, we will roll up our sleeves and help you execute as your dedicated corporate development executive.

Buy-side merger and acquisition services.

Company Readiness Assessment

We help companies assess if their current business infrastructure is ready to engage in a growth strategy that involves acquisitions. This assessment will help form the specific characteristics a target company will need to ensure a good fit.

Investment Strategy Development

We will craft a concise investment strategy that will be the foundation for our calling efforts. We incorporate the important characteristics identified in our company readiness work to ensure a focused and discipled search process. We also will size up important growth initiatives such as size, geography, capital availability, as well as the unique needs of your business, into a clear investment strategy.

Search and LOI Negotiations

We will drive a disciplined and consistent business development calling campaign on your behalf. We create a specific sales process where we will be actively calling on target companies, centers of influence, brokers and investment bankers to identify and engage on prospective target companies.

Due Diligence

Once we have a target company under a letter of interest, we can assist you in the due diligence process by coordinating 3rd party advisors and working through our proprietary checklist to help streamline the process. Additionally, we are specialized in helping with modeling your projections with a focus on sales and revenue due diligence and analysis.

Debt Capital Advisory

We can do the heavy lifting on coordinating and securing optimal debt financing for your business and the transaction. Our expertise and network will allow us to drive this process on your behalf so you can focus on running your business.

Post-Acquisition Integration

You have now purchased the target company and it is time to integrate operations. This can be a complicated and stressful process. We are able to stay on as an advisor and help you execute the key integration efforts that will produce the results that were crafted during your due diligence process.