Construction Genius Podcast – M&A: Process, Pitfalls, And Profit With Ryan Goral

Podcast: M&A Talk

In this episode, Ryan discusses best practices for mergers and acquisitions in the construction industry. 

Mergers and acquisitions are by far the fastest way to achieve tremendous business growth and reach. Instead of spending years cultivating organic growth, you can acquire another company that is similar or aligns with your own. But since this process promises huge profits in the long run, it also possesses some serious pitfalls as well. Eric Anderton sits down with Ryan Goral, Founder of G-Spire Group, to present the ideal step-by-step guide that leads to a smooth-sailing mergers and acquisitions process. Ryan explains the right way to pick a target company, design a comprehensive prep plan, and integrate workplace cultures. He also talks about human emotions and the dangers they can bring to an M&A deal if not handled well.

The G-Spire Group helps companies grow through acquisition. If you are looking for a trusted partner to facilitate the acquisition process, let’s talk!