Integrating your Integration Plan

In the dynamic landscape of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the process of integrating an acquisition into your existing business is one of the most critical aspects of determining the level of success and impact the acquisition will have on your company. While the actual integration phase technically begins after the deal has been finalized and closed, the groundwork for a successful integration has to be laid out very early in the strategic M&A planning process.

Here are key areas where integration should be a focus:

1. Strategic Planning:

Your strategic M&A plan should outline the ‘why’ behind your acquisition strategy. This deeper narrative sets the stage for how integration will align with your strategic goals.

2. Target Identification:

Consider how potential target companies fit into your strategic picture. This understanding shapes how they need to be integrated to maximize value.

3. Deal Structuring and Negotiations:

The structural aspects of a deal, such as earn-outs, impact how integration will be executed. Addressing the risks and characteristics of the target company through the deal structure is critical for successful integration.

4. Due Diligence:

The integration project plan should be developed in parallel with the due diligence process. This ensures that the integration plan is informed by the findings of due diligence.

5. Integration:

Designating a leader for the integration efforts is essential. The integration project plan should be fully integrated and operationalized, aligning with the strategic objectives of the acquisition.


It’s important for the integration leader to be involved from the beginning, ensuring that the integration plan is developed with a clear understanding of the strategic goals and how each step of the integration process contributes to achieving those goals.

In conclusion, integrating your integration plan into every stage of the M&A process is crucial for maximizing the value of your acquisitions. By aligning each step with your strategic objectives, you can ensure a smooth and successful integration process.