Introducing G-Spire Group

It is with pleasure and excitement to be introducing G-Spire Group to my community and I wanted to provide some context to my motivations and vision for the company. Over the years, I have advised, consulted, invested, and/or funded hundreds of buy-side mergers and acquisition transactions and a few common characteristics and challenges continued to present themselves to me and the buyers I was working alongside. The origin of creating G-Spire Group was to provide a user-friendly and cost-effective consulting solution to many of these challenges and frustrations that come up during the process of buying a company.

Why is this important to the entrepreneurs, executives and business owners out there? The answer is rooted in a core value of mine – you are either growing or dying, there is no staying the same. This core value is at the heart of the service G-Spire Group is out to serve. Small and lower-middle market businesses are constantly threatened by evolving market forces that disproportionately increases the risk of their survival and produces headwinds that stunt their ability to grow and thrive. Growth, then, has to be more deliberate. It has to be more strategic.

The fundamental structure of these smaller businesses strains the bandwidth and capacity of the leadership team. Organic growth can only fuel the business to the extent the business’s capital, operations and human resource constraints will allow it. So, at a minimum, growth through acquisition needs to at least have a seat at the table for businesses who are committed to growing and thriving as an organization. Now, growth through strategic mergers and acquisitions isn’t the right strategy for all businesses, I understand that but with the speed and constant evolution of the incredible threats each individual small/lower-middle market business faces on a daily basis, it should, at a minimum, be explored as a viable growth strategy.

G-Spire Group was formed to serve entrepreneurs, executives and small businesses as they execute growth plans that include acquiring companies. Engaging in a M&A strategy is hard work, and it takes deliberate focus. I rather see our business owner clients remain laser focused on running their business rather spending their limited time and energy on all of the components required to execute a merger or acquisition. Bigger companies have the capital to hire an entire corporate development department. Smaller companies don’t have this luxury. G-Spire Group was created to be an outsourced corporate development/director of debt and acquisitions partner to provide businesses the deliberate and focused activity necessary to implement a sound M&A growth strategy including advising, securing and/or restructuring the company’s debt capital.

I look forward to serving the small business/lower-middle market community with the niche skills I have acquired over the span of my career. I invite you to stay connected by signing up for our newsletter which will provide content related to what I am experiencing in the trenches helping small businesses grow and scale through mergers and/or acquisitions.

Thank you for giving me a little bit of your time so I can have the opportunity to give the context to the origin story behind G-Spire and I look forward to many future conversations with you all.